Monday, February 20, 2017

Basics doubts of cancer:

What is grade of cancer ?
It is a way of expressing the aggression of cancer .

What is stage of cancer?
It is a way of expressing the extent of spread of cancer .

What is the difference between the stage and grade of cancer ?
Grade expresses the aggression and stage expresses the extent of spread of the disease

Is cancer contagious!!


Monday, January 30, 2017

Is transfer of multiple embryos in this era, acceptable ?

In 2014,very clearly norms have been laid by the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE -ASRM and SOCIETY OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUE-SART about the number of embryos that can be transferred into the uterus of a woman based on the age of the lady and the quality of embryoes  whether cleavage or blastocyst stage. As technology advanced the modern world is moving towards quality SINGLE EMBRYO TRANSFER AND BLASTOCYST QUALITY.
The simple reason being ,the present day nuclear family sub fertile couple prefer raising a single child only.The disadvantages and complications of high order pregnancy starting from bedridden rest,forced cervical stitch,frequent hospitalisation,guilt provoking fetal reduction,risk of pretem birth,classical caesarian,poor prognostic neonatal unit admission increasing the financial burden,maternal risks include  pregnancy induced hypertension,diabetes and anaemia,depression etc.
IT'S TIME ,patients realise the safety issues and better prognosis with transfer of less embryos and cryopreserve of the excess.If less than 30 -single embryo transfer,if 30- 40 -double embryo transfer,if more than 40-not to exceed 3-4 embryos transfer.Couple must be given a fair chance to discuss these issues before transfer and freezing of embryos .At SRINIVAS PRIYA HOSPITAL ,life even in embryos stage is respected and a strong policy of avoiding fetal wastage and reduction .Our good lab standards has given  A SUCCESSFUL BLASTOCYST PROGRAM.
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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Polycystic ovaries And its Genetic Assosiations
Today I saw a patient ,young girl 26 years old with sub fertility due to irregular periods diagnosed as polycystic ovaries 5 years ago.she had a delayed menarche at 16 years ,her mother was a diabetic with a similar menstrual cycle pattern.Her sister also has her cycles once in 2-4 months .I realised how strong genetic penetration is ,when it comes to aggressive polycystic ovaries.Clearly her sister needs attention before marriage .Surprisingly this particular girl had a history of depression as well  which again is a problem with her mother as well.Depression associated with PCOS is a rarer entity!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling with modernization and tradition taking different turns
the arena of marriage is also facing new challenges
its not just about two families deciding the marriage based on horoscopes of the bride and groom

this special counselling has two aspects -social and medical
social involves relationship and compatibility issues
medical involves general and sexual health

the prime advantages include ensuring general health of the couple regarding chronic ailments and good lifestyle.
from reproductive medicine aspect doctors at Srinivas priya hospital enlighten the couple about planning a pregnancy,contraception,personal hygiene,basic lab and scan investigations and assessing the fertility potential of the person if reproduction is a key concern
besides appointments with beauty parlor ,an appointment at, helps.
thanks for your time Dr.Rajapriya Ayyappan